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Classes and Workshops


Fall 2018 Registration at the MRU Conservatory is now OPEN! There are classes for complete beginners (no musical experience is necessary!) and also classes for more experienced taiko players.

Classes are offered through the Mount Royal University Conservatory, on Sunday evenings. Sessions are eight weeks long, and conclude with a small recital, to invite family and friends to see what the class has learned!

Link to Taiko Registration

Beginner Classes

Beginner classes are on Sundays from 6-7 pm.

For people who are brand new to taiko, or for taiko players who would like to focus on their technique, there is a one-hour class called “Taiko for Beginners”. This class will introduce the art of taiko, and students will learn basic beta (flat) and naname (slant) technique using basic drills and simple traditional rhythms and songs. 

  • CRN 91418 : Sept 9 to Nov 4
  • CRN 91419 : Nov 18 to Jan 20

Intermediate Classes

Intermediate classes are on Sundays from 4-5 pm.

For people who have completed a Beginner class (or have previous taiko experience), and would like to refine their technique, and solidify their skills with movement and kuchishoga. This class will be taught at a faster pace than the Beginner class, but less difficult repertoire than the Repertoire classes. 

  • CRN 91420: Sept 9 to Nov 4
  • CRN 91421: Nov 18 to Jan 20

Repertoire Classes

Repertoire classes are on Sundays from 7:15 to 9:15 pm.

For taiko players who are comfortable with their beta and naname technique, as well as the kuchishoga system taught in the Beginner/Intermediate Classes. Each session will focus on a more challenging taiko piece, and less emphasis will be placed on the basics and technique. If you have taiko experience from another group, please contact me before registering for the Repertoire classes. 

  • CRN 91414 : Sept 9 to Nov 4 
  •  Korekara:(“from now on”) was composed with a spirit of deep appreciation for the taiko pioneers that have come before us, and excitement about the future. The ensemble taiko boom we now enjoy, with dozens upon dozens of taiko groups across North America, owes its roots to the vision, energy, and teaching of the taiko pioneers in our community. Korekara is intended to honor the generosity of these visionaries, building upon the foundation that they have laid for us and encouraging taiko to go in exciting new directions.
  • CRN 91415 : Nov 18 to Jan 20
  •  Click-It: is a fun interactive open source taiko piece composed by Kristy Oshiro. Using two naname-dai, students will enjoy playing in pairs with this unique piece.

Kids Classes

Kids taiko classes are on Sundays from 5:30 to 6 pm. They are a great way for kids to enjoy music and movement together! 

  • CRN TBA : Kids Sept 9 to Nov 4
  • CRN TBA : Kids Nov 18 to Jan 20

Performing Ensembles

Adult Ensemble (ages 16+) is on Thursdays from 7-9 pm.

Youth Ensemble: ages 9-15 is on Sundays from 3-4 pm.

Outdoor in festivals, and indoor in the concert hall: taiko is meant to be experienced in person! Taiko ensembles are intended for taiko players who have 1+ year of experience, or at the discretion of the instructor. These ensembles will focus on mastering taiko repertoire with the intention to perform at local community events. Performing ensembles are a great way to enjoy taiko with friends, and perform together. Previous performing venues include:

  • Mayor’s Lunch for Arts Champions
  • Globalfest
  • Calgary Stampede
  • Bella Concert Hall, Leacock and Nickle Theatres at MRU
  • Guests for the Calgary Chinese Orchestra

 Adult ensemble members must have knowledge of the following taiko repertoire:

  • Dokokara (Yuta Kato)
  • Korekaka (Fuji and Clarke)
  • Omiyage (Shoji Kameda)
  • Ready, Set, Kadon (Shoji Kameda)
  • CRN 91430: Sept 20 to Jan 17

 Youth Ensemble members must have knowledge of basic taiko technique and kuchishoga.


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