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Taiko Skills Day!

Since I began playing taiko, I quietly observed how taiko is often approached using a very repertoire-directed teaching style. I found it a little bit surprising, it was very different than the music and dance world that I was used to, where scales, studies, and barre exercises were mastered in order

LCTA: Culture Days workshop and performance

 Lethbridge, Alberta, has a huge taiko community! This small city is home to a few taiko organizations, including the Lethbridge Community Taiko Association.  LCTA has been a non-profit society since 2007, providing opportunity for drummers of all levels to learn, perform, and enjoy taiko. They are a large group, with

Taiko Skills Day

I am very excited to announce TAIKO SKILLS DAY on Oct 14, 2017 from 10 am to 4 pm! The workshop will be held in the Nickle Theatre at Mount Royal University. This day of taiko will focus on developing specific taiko skills, instead of focusing on learning a new

North American Taiko Conference

Sunny San Diego California! NATC (North American Taiko Conference) brings together taiko players from all over the continent and also from around the world! It’s a fantastic venue to learn, experience, connect with old friends, and maybe make some new friends! I enjoyed my NATC experience with several of my taiko

Globalfest Fireworks Festival and Multicultural Pavilion

Have you ever been so happy and proud of someone that you could cry? I have often felt this way as a mother, watching my kids grow up. Something as simple as a sweet smile, seeing them discover something for the first time, skipping off to the first day of school,

Hiryu Project 2017

Ever since I discovered the Hiryu Project several years ago, I have been wanting to participate and submit a video from Calgary. The Conservatory at MRU was very supportive of this idea, and this year it became a reality! The Hiryu Project celebrates the life of Grandmaster Daihachi Oguchi, who

Carmen Unplugged: Taiko, Dance, Opera, and Hip-Hop Rap

If you’ve read any of my previous blog posts, you’ve probably noticed that I love when my classical music world collides with my taiko world. When Calgary soprano Michelle Minke wanted to incorporate taiko into her new collaborative piece with rapper James Noble (entitled: Carmen Unplugged), my colleague Lisa and

Artio Taiko: Sound of the Hollow

Taiko and choir: a brand new avenue for taiko in Calgary. Artio “specializes in choral music that is distinct, demanding, diverse and innovative. They explore a variety of genres from early music through to innovative creations being crafted by today’s composers. They re-imagine and re-invent music of the past and embrace

Taiko at the Bella

Ever since I began reading about the Bella Concert Hall, I began to daydream about performing both Oboe and Taiko on the Bella Stage. Acoustically amazing, the Bella incorporates structural elements that reflect our rural prairie heritage: barn frame, prairie rose, bee hives, the colours of Lake Louise. It’s a

Breakfast Television Appearance: Asian Heritage Month

May is Asian Heritage Month! To celebrate Asian Heritage Month with the Asian Heritage Foundation, visit their website to find out about events around Calgary. I performed as part of Midnight Taiko, during an interview on a local morning TV station. The segment can be viewed on the Breakfast Television

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